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Anderson High School, Anderson, Indiana

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I began working for a large firm doing large projects. Additions to high schools. Monster field houses. A state of the art music hall. I left all that wanting to try my hand at the small stuff. This time I ended up working long hours on projects that didn't get built, or homes that were overdesigned for the client's budget. There was no balance.

So in summer of 2008, I opened doors as a small community-based architecture company searching for just that:


  • Between big and small,
  • Between architects and contractors,
  • Between work and play,
  • Between High-tech and practical,
  • Between earth and sky,
  • Between program and budget,
  • Between corporations and people,
  • Between art and science,
  • Between the built environment and the natural world.

With a background in large projects and educational work, I have the experience to design your project from the ground up. My keen sense of detail is essential for smaller remodels and renovations. No project is too small, and if hiring an architect is not going to be cost-effective, I'll help point you in the right direction.

My goal is to create life-long client relationships.


AM has always taken a common sense approach to designing buildings that are in harmony with our environment. Sustainability or "green" design goes far beyond selecting trendy materials. Site-specific design and high construction standards result in buildings that are energy-efficient and beautifully crafted.


07.31.09 21 Questions to ask your Architect

07.31.09 Version 3.0 launched.

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